How did Dream-face emergence?
Dream-face was engineerd and developed by Erik Loos.
Erik works in the technical security industry and lives with his wife and two children in Hoogwoud a small village in the Netherlands.
Erik Loos:
“Just another Friday night in Paris. Hundreds of people, visiting a concert in Bataclan concert hall. And then suddenly there is this terrorist attack … terrorists are shooting around. In the streets, bars hundreds of innocent people were killed. People like you and me …
This news hit me very hard. As everyone, I think. I thought of the people and how much panic there must have been. This could have happened to me. This can happen to anyone. I thought of what the victims had yet to say if they had the chance. I thought about how cruel it is that so many survivors lost their loved ones and what they yet had to tell each other.
Then I realized that it happens all the time. Not only in a terrorist attacks. The risk of dying is everywhere. A heart attack, an accident and you’re not there anymore. I wondered if it would give me peace of mind knowing that when i die, there will be een message sent to my loved ones. And the more i thought about it, the more i came to the conclusion that it would.
Meanwhile, I made a video. It was not easy. What do you want to say?  I’ve had to do a few times. But that doesn’t mather, the movie is there and it gives me a peace of mind knowing that.
That’s how i came to the idea of Dream-face. And it didn’t stay with idea. Since 2016 Dream-face is a fact. I hope that Dream-face will give more people a peace of mind knowing that a beautiful message will be send to their loved ones when you are gone.
Dream-face is completely independent, we have no contacts with other companies and no advertising expressions on the website. This way you can see that our intentions are just for you and your loved ones.


Out of love for your loved ones