Registration procedure and how to send documents.

  1. First you need to register
  2. If the tender is sent successfully , you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number ( for example 20163953 ) , this number should be mentioned in every form of communication.
  3. Then you must make the payment, here you have to use the transmitted reference number.
  4. You can sent all your messages, video (s) and other document (s) (max. 1 gigabyte (GB) by using the program”WeTransfer (free)”. For mobile devices is an app available, therefore you must install the app on your device;
    – for IOS this is; WeTransfer mobile
    – for Android this is; WeTansfer mobile
    Our advice is to separately submit videos, so you can appoint videos separately.
    As indicated, the available storage for each subscription is 1 gigabyte (GB). This can be increased, the additional costs are on request.
  5. Then, all the documents and/or video (s) are placed on a server in a file with you reference.
All information is safely stored on a server.

Procedure when the client is deceased and how to retrieve the documents.

The documents are released to the loved ones (specified by the deceased) when they show evidence in the form of a funeral card, obituary, death certificate (signed by a physician) or a death certificate together with the reference number of the person .
Pay attention; the documents will only be sent to the email address (es) specified by the deceased.

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