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The most beautiful memories for your loved ones



Dream-face allows you to leave a personal video message or document behind for your loved ones. Dream Face ensures that the message will be sent to your loved ones when you are deceased. This way the people you love will have an unforgettable memory of the person you are now.












Out of love for your loved ones

What is Dream-face?
Dream-face makes it possible to leave a message for your loved ones. So they have a wonderful personal reminder to you when you’re gone.
It’s something you want to think about. But what if …
Suppose you suddenly die. How often do you hear of a fatal accident, a heart attack or a terrorist attack? The chance that it happens is extremely small. But what if it happens … then your loved ones stay behind. Great sadness prevails.
How great is it, when they get a personal video or document from you after your death, telling them how much you love them, what advice you would give, how good you had it together ore how much you meant to them?
How sad your loved ones are, knowing they have to go on without you: through your personal message they feel loved, supported and valued. Through your personal words addressed to them, you give them little pice of you back. Warmth and love prevail. So that they can move forward…
That is Dream-face
Out of love for your loved ones